We seek to provide an engaging space for students to develop into well-rounded engineers


Gain essential hands-on skills by applying concepts to projects.

Some of our technical events include Arduino workshops where students can learn more about them and apply that knowledge to a project!


Meet other students that share the same passion for engineering.

We have social events like Happeee Hour, Hiking with Professors, and game room socials! There are also events in collaboration with other organizations on campus such as pumpkin carving as pictured above.


Develop professional skills and build your professional network.

Professional events include resume workshops or tech talks such as the one pictured above with Northrop Grumman.


Give back to the community and inspire others to pursue a STEM career.

Some of our outreach events include our Girls' STEM fair where we hold workshops to inspire the young girls to pursue a career in STEM. There is also the Boy Scouts merit badge fair where we lead workshops for local boy scouts to earn their badges.

Event Photo Archive

Take a look at photos from our past events by clicking on the event name!

Quarter Event Name
Spring 2019 Boy Scout Merit Badge Fair
Spring 2019 Joint Social With WIC
Spring 2019 QP++ Spring Kickoff
Spring 2019 QP Spring Kickoff
Spring 2019 Spring GBM
Winter 2019 Microduino
Winter 2019 HARD Hack
Winter 2019 T.I. Build Party
Winter 2019 Winter GBM
Winter 2019 Project Space Photoshoot
Winter 2019 IEEE x HKN Data Structures
Winter 2019 IEEE x CSES Trivia Night
Winter 2019 Vex IQ
Winter 2019 IoT Workshop
Winter 2019 GrandPRIEEE Workathons
Winter 2019 Quarterly Project Workathons
Winter 2019 Quarterly Project Showcase
Fall 2018 Fall HapIEEE Hour
Fall 2018 Fall Quarterly Projects Showcase
Fall 2018 PCB Design Workshop
Fall 2018 Arduino Workshop
Fall 2018 HallowIEEEn
Fall 2018 Blinking LED Workshop
Fall 2018 SD Hacks
Fall 2018 Coffee Hour with Intel Fall
Fall 2018 Git & Unix Workshop
Fall 2018 Professional Development Workshop
Fall 2018 Fall GBM
Fall 2018 Project Drive