About Us

We are dedicated to helping develop students into professional engineers

As an organization, we strive to provide opportunities to students both at UC San Diego and in the larger STEM community to gain hands-on experience with autonomous robotics and its various disciplines. Throughout the year, we host dozens of events and workshops to teach skills not frequently taught in the classroom, as well as outreach events for students looking to give back to the STEM community. We also provide professional development and other resources to help students achieve their true potential as they develop into professional engineers.

Contact Us

  • General: ieee@eng.ucsd.edu
  • Projects: ieee.ucsd.project@gmail.com
  • Outreach: ieee.ucsd.outreach@gmail.com
  • Technical: ieee.ucsd.tech@gmail.com

Meet Our Officers!

Elizabeth Farkas
VC Internal
Yimeng Yang
VC External
Antony Nguyen
VC Projects
Igor Vivcharenko
VC Finance
Jessica Chen
Events Finance Chair
Simon Hu
Corporate Relations Chair
Arden Ma
Micromouse Chair
Gun Park
Grand PRIEEE Chair
Sai Komatineni
Quarterly Projects Chair
Dillon Hicks
Technical Chair
Johnny Zhang
Technical Chair
Akhil Brilangi
Professional Chair
Punit Mehta
Outreach Chair
Brooke Dybicz
Outreach Chair
Raelyn Dybicz
Social Chair
Priyanka Mishra
Linda Yang
Public Relations Chair
Ysabelle Lam
Public Relations Chair
Curtis Lee
Project Space Chair
Bassel Hatoum